Levels of Coverage


Select the coverage plan that best suits your needs.

Appearance Protection offers various coverage options:

Interior-Protection Interior Protection – Damage of rips, tears to interior fabric, vinyl, or leather repaired. Coverage against spills such as coffee, milk and soft drinks. Juice spills and cigarette burns not covered.
Paintless-Dent-Removal Paintless Dent Removal – Covers small dents on exterior vertical body panels without harming the original finish. Exclusions include dents with chipped paint or metal which has been creased.
Paint-Repair Paint Repair – Repair of damage to the paint on exterior surfaces, including painted bumpers. Coverage limited to $1,000 in aggregate, inclusive of taxes, for the term of the contract. Coverage does not include damage from collisions.
Key-&-Keyless-Remote-Replacement Key and Keyless Remote Replacement – Repair or replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged keys or keyless remotes. Includes cost of key recoding and remote re-programming.
Car-Rental-Benefit Car Rental Benefit – Every approved claim is eligible for a rental vehicle benefit up to $50 (inclusive of taxes) for each repair visit.
Front-Windsheild-Protection Front Windshield Protection – Repair of chips and/or cracks less than 5cm caused by propelled rocks, road hazard debris, or stress cracks caused by extreme weather changes.
Head-&-Tail-Light-Protection Head/Tail Light Protection – Head / tail light repair or replacement. Coverage does not include damage from collisions or vandalism.
Tire-&-Wheel-Replacement Tire and Wheel Protection – Repair or replacement of wheels and tires damaged by road hazard debris. Coverage is inclusive of seasonal tires and wheels.
Curb-Scuff-Repair Curb Scuff Repair – Coverage for wheel damage caused by curb scuffing during routine parking maneuvers. Coverage limited to twice per contract term, up to $200 per event.
24-Hour-Roadside-Assitance 24 Hour Roadside Assistance – Coverage includes Towing, Winching, Battery Boost, Fuel Delivery, Tire Change, and Lockout Service. Maximum of $100 inclusive of taxes, per occurrence.

Appearance Protection Plans:

You can tailor a plan that will fit your budget and coverage requirements with the 5 Star, 4 Star, and fully customizable plans.

5 Star Plan

4 Star Plan

Custom Plan

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