Claims Process

In the event that your Kia incurs damage covered by Appearance Protection, you can rest easy knowing you are covered by the strength and quality of Kia Canada.

A few tips in making sure your claims process is as smooth as possible:

Prevent further damage – Take immediate action to prevent further damage. Appearance Protection will not cover any damage caused by not securing a timely repair of the damaged component.

Take Your Vehicle to an authorized Kia Dealer. If this is not possible due to proximity or the location of the breakdown, please contact the administrator at 1-866-475-8864 for assistance in locating an authorized repair facility.

Provide repair facility with a copy of your Appearance Protection contract and/or your contract number. Obtain authorization from the administrator prior to any repair being made. Advise the repair facility that they must first determine cause of the failure or breakdown, and advise the administrator of required repairs prior to the commencement of the repair being made. Failure to receive prior authorization for any breakdown will void coverage for such repairs under your Appearance Protection contract.

Authorize Teardown and/or Inspection – In some cases, you may need to authorize the repair facility to inspect and/or teardown your vehicle in order to determine the cause and cost of the repair. You will be responsible for these charges if the failure is not covered under Appearance Protection. We reserve the right to require an inspection of your vehicle prior to any repair being made.

Emergency Repairs – Should an emergency breakdown occur which requires a repair be made at a time when the administrator’s office is closed, you must contact the administrator’s office within the next available business day of the date of repair to determine if such repair will be covered by Appearance Protection. If covered, we will pay for the repair less any applicable deductible.