You must be within the issue ages listed below to be eligible to enroll for coverage.

Life and Critical Illness Insurance:
Eligibility age to enroll: ages 18-71 inclusive

Life and Loss of Employment:
Eligibility age to enroll: ages 18-65 inclusive. The debtor must be employed and have been continuously working at occupation for a minimum of 20 hours per week for 12 consecutive months and must have not have personally received formal or informal notice of the impending loss of your employment.

Disability Insurance:
Eligibility age to enroll: ages 18-65 inclusive

Employment Eligibility Requirement for Disability Coverage:
On the effective date of insurance, you must be gainfully employed and work at least 25 hours per week during the last 30 days or must be gainfully employed as a seasonal employee and have been so employed for 13 consecutive weeks during the 12 month period immediately preceding the effective date of insurance.

Health Questionnaire Requirement:
If you are applying for Life or Life and Critical Illness insurance and you’re aged 66 or older or applying for Life & Critical Illness with insurance coverage over $100,000, you must complete a health questionnaire.